Brilliance, or what looked like it, struck this morning at about 5:50AM.  It usually comes at that hour: somewhere between somnolence and coffee.  It likes me when I’m Klonopined out, but halfway in the middle of rolling out of couch/bed.

I got my first rejection in years!  This is cause for celebration, as I haven’t been writing shit lately.  This is movement.  So, the first flash piece I submit gets file thirteened.

This, I deem with my coffee-stained tongue buried deep in my cheek, is good.  By 6AM, I’d resolved that I’m going to take down all the writing I’ve posted on this site.  The only things that I’m going to leave on here are pieces that have been rejected at least five times.  That, and I will post, along with those works, the rejection letters that will become their shot messengers.

Epiphany: you jaded bitch.  I love you.


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