Vampire Lore and Clockwork Dolls

In the world of horror writing, especially when you’re just picking back up on something that you once left behind–like running into an old friend–it’s important to read, review, and understand what everyone else is reading.  Here are my reviews for the past couple of days:

Clockwork Dolls:  I was researching horror and dark fiction publisher, and came across DarkFuse press.  Rather than sign up for their book club or become a member of their site right off the bat (which were pricy options for someone who hadn’t, until yesterday, read anything that they had published), I decided to peruse some of their titles on  After combing over a few other book blurbs, William Meikle‘s Clockwork Dolls: a challenging thriller-based narrative that brings any mechanistic views one has of the universe into question.  Overall, I enjoyed the read.  You can see what I had to say about it on the product page.

Out For Blood:  This is a non-fiction essay, written by Margot Adler, that discusses how the vampire mythos impacts society now, and how it has throughout history.  Anyone who ever plans on writing anything about vampires should read this article!

I’ve written reviews on both of these works.  You can view them here.

On that note, I’m definitely writing something about vampires, soon.  I just haven’t decided on length, substance, or anything else of literary value.



One thought on “Vampire Lore and Clockwork Dolls

  1. On that note, I should mention that I’ve been working on a number of projects: A few short stories, some flash fiction, and a few poems. I’ve got about five submissions out to publishers, and counting. I’m just waiting with long and bated breaths for replies–which, as many of you many know, often take forever.

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