Dead Pig Collector, Page Updates, and Photos

Ever since Dexter became a celebrated Showtime series, people in the horror-writing world have become obsessed with understanding sociopathy on a new level–the one that involves the sociopath in all of us.  I feel that, in writing horror, this new dynamic will continue to be explored.

I certainly hope so.  It’s one of the few “trends” that I actually like in modern fiction.

This is, in part, where my review of Warren Ellis‘s Dead Pig Collector comes in.  A man named Mr. Sun is hired to dispose of dead bodies.  His interaction with a woman, Amanda, exposes that ever-growing societal trend toward becoming more detached from our emotions in order to advance our position in life.  It’s a short piece, but you can’t beat it for $.99.  You can read my review of Dead Pig Collector here.

Also, I’ve decided to update my About Me section, as well as add some photographs of myself to the page.  Why not?  Makes things more personable.


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