Breaking Bad, Dexter, Book Review on Joanna Penn’s “How to Market a Book,” & Why I Hate Apple Products

So, as us Dexter fans are well aware: We are halfway into the season.  Twenty minutes from now, it airs on Showtime.  #Bliss.

I should also mention that the second half of Breaking Bad debuts also, on AMC, in about twenty minutes.

Solution?  Pirate both episodes from and tell whoever is in charge of making two awesome series have to compete with each other for viewers and die-hard fans to go fuck themselves.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading Joanna Penn’s “How to Market a Book.” Now, this book–if you’re going to buy any books on how to market books–needs to be the first one you get.  Why?  Because you may die, and it would have been the last book on how to market a book you’d ever own.

And that would be a blessing.

This $4.99 book covers everything: From how to set up a platform using social media, what to expect from launch, and how to establish a report with other authors to go all indie and say, to the publishing world (if you so choose), “Fuck the man!” All that said, though, she does point out that it is, indeed, hard work.

You can read my five-star review of her book here.

In other news, I recently purchased (and it may have been stolen at some point), a first gen IPad–which was jailbroken.  Despite this, in order to even create an Apple user ID to use some of the necessary apps, I had to enter in my credit card number.

You know, I remember back when Apple litigators challenged Microsoft as a monopoly.  Microsoft was found guilty in that case, and now, look at Apple: They’re as evil as an empire gets.

In any case, I’ve got a couple hours to spare before I can hook up my thumb drive to my XBox, and watch some new and long-awaited episodes.

Oh, btw: Ubuntu.


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