I Quit, Part II

I wrote earlier, “I Quit, For Now.” Are you kidding me?  This shit actually does write itself.

And there’s not much that can stop it.  Fame or no fame, I’m in it for the long haul–whether I like it, or not.


3 thoughts on “I Quit, Part II

  1. If I may… I just found your blog today, have been reading most of the Suicide collection and here and there some of your non-fiction comments.
    You are appreciated (ie comment above).
    And the other part is, for you not to be, let’s say, annoyed by stuff such as audience, people caring or not, I would mostly recommend the same rationality you have towards live/death.
    Anyways, it’s been nice “meeting” someone else who’s never felt “normal” (what is that anyway?!).

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