Suicide no. 37: When Light Exits

Suicide no. 37: When Light Exits

–by Derek Alan Wilkinson


Sleep, restless, yearning that

nocturnal abode.

Rest. None for the wicked and/or/therefore

none for me.






That clawing. It is imminent: Demise.


We all fear it.

We all know it.

It (has the nerve to) “rest” in us.


to tear us to shreds—


that is, thatthingwecall our consciousness.

And with a loaded chamber onasixshooterrevolver:

I abstain from sleep:

Until I know, or atleastonceknew, that that fear

is forever silent.


For then, I will sleep forever.

Click. Load. Pull.


Inspired by The Daily Post’s prompt on “Mister Sandman:”


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