Suicide no. 47: Mapping Manhattan

Suicide no. 47: Mapping Manhattan

–by Derek Alan Wilkinson


Man made misanthropes make more

memeplastic memos mocking mankind—

mirroring monkeys.


Me, myself, my memoir:

marvelous malefactor molded, mankind’s moonlight—

merely musted misery: marking maps, making my mark:

making mere madness my mission.


Miscreants multiply,

makes me mourn.

My mouth made my missive:

“Make me malevolent.”


My map marked, my mark, made

My mind made mockery:

misanthropes, monkeys—

my meditation: mining mankind’s misery,

marketing Manhattan’s mushroom midnight.


Myself? My megaton mushroom.

My memoir? Missing Manhattan materials.



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6 thoughts on “Suicide no. 47: Mapping Manhattan

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