The Suicides

When I first read about writing prompts, I thought it silly that someone would need direction in order to write fiction; for me, what I say is visceral, and it comes straight from the gut, without pause.

The only problem is that, sometimes, the devil being in the details, it’s hard to focus on just how much of something to put into a story–that is, to say, where to focus when you want to write about something, and find yourself scrambling for a useful setting in which to place your characters and their thoughts.

In other words, I’ve found that, writing prompts–for me–have become a means of focusing my writing, not controlling what comes out.

Since WordPress has a series devoted to helping inspire course and flow for its growing number of readers, I’ve taken to allowing give me a sense of direction in many, but not all, of my stories.

In that vein, I’ve also decided to dedicate my time to writing stories about people who commit suicide.  Why?  Because I think that thinking of ending ones life is a good way to consider what life means–along with challenging myself and my readers with what b.s. we’re all guilty of feeding ourselves.

Suicide is thus, in my stories, a sort of philosophical hub for all sorts of issues to be explored in fiction.

So, I’ve created what I feel is a unique series of flash fiction stories that, while differing from each other in many ways, these people all come to the same conclusion in the end–each of these stories ends in someone deciding to end their life, and each for a multitude of different reasons.

I hope you enjoy.  And, as I’ve stated at other times: I hope that none of my readers contemplates the issue too seriously.  While suicide is something I feel we should all consider, from time to time, the last thing I want to inspire is someone actually following through with it.

After all, let’s face it: we’re all going to die, anyway.  Also, it’s been said that “you cannot be replaced.”

While I may find myself at odds with some of my audience, I happen to agree with that sentiment.

All that aside, enjoy!  And I want to thank each and every one of you for your time.


(Suicide no. 1, 2, 3, and 4 are all unfinished works)

Suicide no. 5: The Repeater

Suicide no. 6: I Pledge Allegiance

Suicide no. 7: The Identity Thief

Suicide no. 8: Hope Grimwald

Suicide no. 9: The Lottery

Suicide no. 10: The Birthday Game

Suicide no. 11: Toy

Suicide no. 12: Delirium Tremens

Suicide no. 13: Naked Dream

Suicide no. 14: Kindergarten

Suicide no. 15: Cheerleader

Suicide no. 16: Taking Charge

Suicide no. 17: Clarity

Suicide no. 18: (untitled, still editing….  Should be up soon.)

Suicide no. 19: Would You? (This one’s apparently my most popular.)

Suicide no. 20: Perfected

Suicide no. 21: Fast Forward, Rewind, Play, and Eject

Suicide no. 22: That One Girl

Suicide no. 23: The Endless Coil 

Suicide no. 24: The Embittered Housewife

Suicide no. 25: Remember the Valentines (This one is my personal favorite, so far.)

Suicide no. 26: Wish

Suicide no. 27: Vow of Silence

Suicide no. 28: Limerick

Suicide no. 29: Snowflake

Suicide no. 30: One Shot

Suicide no. 31: S.O.S.

Suicide no. 32: Accident

Suicide no. 33: “Suicide no. 33″

Suicide no. 34: The Pale Horse

Suicide no. 35: Daydreaming of Death

Suicide no. 36: The Death of Gary Elshire

Suicide no. 37: When Light Exits

Suicide no. 38: The Informant

Suicide no. 39: The Glass Girl

Suicide no. 40: The Wastrel

Suicide no. 41: Still Life

Suicide no. 42: Defiance

Suicide no. 45: A Needed Obsession


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