Calling Shots.

In 1987, a man drops an eight ball in the corner pocket, and goes home with a drunk girl impressed by this feat. Thirty years later, their son wonders if his life would’ve been better if his mother had made better choices.





Bruno, you poor bastard.

Just when they thought Copernicus was crazy,

you came striding in:

“The stars are suns with planetary rings!”

“There may be more intelligent life out there!”

What was your reward?

You were burned at the stake

in 1600.




Ten Quotes of Mine.

–by Derek Alan Wilkinson

I’ve compiled a list of things you can remember me by for whenever I’m dead. I should probably second guess my eulogy, but you only live once.

So, here are the quotes:

1) I don’t write for everybody—even if I expose my work to “everybody.” Usually, it’s just a very few people I write for. Sometimes, I just do it for myself. And I hope that you never see those works.

2) When someone talks about rights, I tend to think about wrongs.

3) Sometimes, my writing’s bad. Sometimes it’s good. And sometimes my audience or editor just sucks. After some deep enough thought, I’ll be the final judge–whether you like it or not.

4) What is “love?” It’s seeing all the ugliness in a person, and in the world, and still seeing enough good in that person to still want them around.

5) Don’t think about doing something. Don’t try to do something. Don’t dream. Don’t aspire. Just BE, for fuck’s sake.

6) Finding your “voice” as a writer is like learning a new language: I think that you just have to start by typing gibberish. It’ll come to you. And, when you’re done, people will criticize your dialect. Unless you agree with them, tell ’em to fuck off.

7) To assume that your life has purpose is to make an error that I can only label as “The Human Bias.” You might NOT have a purpose unless you make one for yourself. Also, I came up with that theory–”The Human Bias”–and expect to be credited for it if mentioned.

8) You can usually kill yourself if you want to. Just remember that you’re going to die anyway, eventually. In most cases, it’s better to just tough it out.

9) Most good ideas have several rough sketches. Most great ideas come from good ideas, and have REALLY rough sketches.

10) You don’t have to either “like” or “dislike” kids, but I think it pays to APPRECIATE being around children from time to time. If you can learn to do that, I think you’ll enjoy life more.

Suicide no. 81: Cupid is Helping Us Pay the Debt

Suicide no. 81: Cupid is Helping Us Pay the Debt

–by Derek Alan Wilkinson


Cupid’s arrow struck a vein:

a token-Prozac stimulant to heartache and pain.

Death’s defining moment is the moment it struck:

pitiful and sinful, we’re all out of luck.


Fuckin’ suicidal, homicidal, we’re just having fun.

Don’t let what they say about young lovers

make you draw out your gun.




Never mind the parents’ protests:

they’re one in the same.

Evolution, mishaps, genocide, or incest:

It’s all part of the game:




Evolution’s what we’re not yet,

we’re part of the debt.

Suicide or homicide,

we’re not done yet.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cupid’s Arrow.”

Suicide no. 80: In Love or Hate

Suicide no. 80: In Love or Hate
–by Derek Alan Wilkinson

What difference does it make?

My loved ones will be inspired to become slaves
unto the world in which they were made.
My survival? An ode to their servitude—their destitution.

Their own form of self destruction.

My death? An omen that forbids them from seeing things as they wish them to be—forever.

Is it their delusion, or mine, that keeps me alive?

Maybe love really does keep us all interlaced.

Or in shackles.

In either case—in love, or in hate—the time has come to be free.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sliced Bread.”